Day 35 & 36- The day of two Friday’s

Day 35 & 36- The day of two Friday’s

Black Friday we woke up in New Zealand 🇳🇿, had a nice breakfast at a diner close to the hotel, went to the grocery store for some goodies that we can’t get in the states – Tim-Tams, Whittaker’s chocolates of all kinds.  Then we stopped for a few gifts for our bosses and dog walker, packed up and arranged for a cab to pick us up at 11:30. To the airport by 12:15, in the New Zealand air first class lounge by 12:45.  OMG, WHAT A LOUNGE.  They offered a multitude of hot and cold dishes, had a chef with a made to order stir fry, cases and cases of self serve beer and wines, open bottles of any kind of liquor you could dream of. So generous and loads of people to assist. Our flight was boarding at 2:40, and according to signage in the lounge it was a 20 minute walk, so we had a light lunch hung out a bit and headed to the gate.  Neil had ten New Zealand dollars left, so we bought another chocolate bar 😊

The plane was a 777, where, in first class you get a huge pod.  Because we both like the window, and window pods are only one deep, we sat in different rows.  The pods were very comfortable and I started to watch that Amazon show Mrs. Maisel. Very funny and spot on for NYC in the 50’s. Highly recommend.

off to a very bumpy start, they couldn’t start service, not even wine, for several hours.  The entire flight was exceedingly bumpy. I slept more than Neil, thanks to several glasses of wine, that I eventually received.

Landed several hours ago in San Francisco.  In the same Polaris lounge as when we left and just had a cooked to order breakfast. Our flight boards in about half an hour, at 9:10. It’s weird that it’s Friday again, and that we have come full circle ⭕️, ending the trip from the same lounge where we started. I will share more thoughts about the trip in the next few days.  Although it is always good to be home, neither of us were anxious about getting home.  We agreed that it was time, but not “jonesing”.

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