Day 30- Sunday November 18th- Tauranga, New Zealand

Day 30- Sunday November 18th- Tauranga, New Zealand

As usual, Neil made some awesome plans for us.  For today’s tour he took to the message boards of Cruise Critic and he posted the tour.  So, we, along with 18 other posters, hired a Maori man and in two small vans, they took us to a Maori village in Rotorua.  It took us about an hour to get there. The village has many active geysers.

Walking around it was like the ground was weeping.  The ground was quite hot. About 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

After walking around, we were told all about the Maori. They likely traded with tribes  from Hawaii and Bali as they have similar language and social ways.  They traveled on long boats between the islands

Prior to colonization there were no mammals on New Zealand 🇳🇿, so, just like with Australia 🇦🇺, once horses 🐎, rabbits 🐇 donkeys were shipped over, the landscapes changed quickly. In New Zealand many of the native species were eradicated.  Now, they are trying to replace them but feral cats, many as big as dogs, are out of control and kill all of the kiwi birds, and other animals.

The village we visited has apprenticeship programs to keep the traditions alive. Back in 1963, Maori was named an official language, along with English. They teach it in all of the public schools 🏫

After a show and tour of the village, we went to downtown Rotorua and had lunch.  It was Sunday so people were shopping 🛍 and gathering. They had a dunkin donut!  We do not have dunkin in portland but they have it in New Zealand!  Go figure.

An hours drive back to Tauranga, where most of us slept.

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